Osch & Arendt

Our lawfirm of  currently 5 lawyers was founded in 1997 by two partners  Gerry OSCH and Cathy ARENDT. We have an extensive experience in working in general commercial and corporate matters, in civil matters and Employment law. We represent both foreign and domestic clients in Luxembourg judicial proceedings and abroad.

We provide legal advice to our clients in in English, French and German as well as in Portugese. Our main office is located on Boulevard Royal, in the heart of the financial district, with easy access to any part of the city. Our lawfirm is a member of The Parlex Group, a network of independent law firms with offices in over 25 countries Our lawfirm typically caters to medium sized firms and individuals needing advice in, corporate or contractual matters, civil law, employment law or litigation. We domicile companies and provide two separate addresses to that effect.




25C Boulevard Royal L
2449 Luxembourg


+352 22 48 22
Cathy Arendt
+352 22 48 22